Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

Looking to spice up your traditional hummus recipe? You’ve come to the right place. I had 1/4 jar of sun-dried tomatoes leftover and whipped up this fantastic sun-dried tomato hummus.


- 1 tsp baking soda

- 4 cloves garlic

- 1 tsp sea salt

- 3 TBS organic tahini

- ¼ cup lemon juice freshly squeezed

- 2 cans organic chickpeas

- ½ cup extra virgin olive oil

- ½ cup sun-dried tomatoes in oil

- ¼ cup fresh basil

Additional toppings:

- Drizzle with 2 TBS olive oil

- Sprinkle with paprika

- Sprinkle 3 TBS pinenuts

- Chopped parsley


1. Boil garbanzos in water with 1 tsp baking soda until soft. You can mash on side of pot with fork.

2. Place garlic, salt, tahini and lemon juice into a food processor and process until smooth.

3. Add garbanzo beans and olive oil and process until smooth.

4. Once smooth add the sun-dried tomatoes, and pulse until they are chopped up and incorporated but not completely smooth.

5. Lastly, add the basil and pulse a couple times until mixed.

6. Refrigerate 1 hour so all ingredients can develop flavor. Spread on a plate and add the additional toppings. Get creative and enjoy!